Q. What is the DC Food Access Program?
A. The DC Food Access Program provides families with $2.50 Lyft Shared rides to three grocery and market partners in Wards 7 and 8. Up to two members of participating families would share a ride with other riders on their route.

Q. Why Martha’s Table?
A. For nearly 40 years, Martha’s Table has worked to support strong children, strong families, and strong communities by increasing access to quality education programs, healthy food, and family supports.

Q. What is Lyft?
A. Lyft is the ridesharing app you use to get a ride in minutes. Ridesharing matches you with a nearby driver who will pick you up wherever you are and take you where you want to go. Lyft was founded in 2012 by Logan Green and John Zimmer to improve people’s lives with the world’s best transportation, and is available to 96 percent of the United States population as well as select cities in Canada. As the only rideshare company to offset carbon emissions from all rides, Lyft is committed to effecting positive change for our cities, and promoting transportation equity through shared rides, electric bikes and scooters, and public transit partnerships.

Q. What is a Lyft Shared ride?
A. A Shared ride connects you with other riders along your route.

Shared rides can only be used:

  • To go from Point A to Point B. No errands, stops, or changes to pickup or drop-off locations.

  • When you're ready to go. Since there may be other riders depending on you, drivers will not wait more than one minute at your pickup location. It’s important that you’re waiting outside of your location before your ride arrives to avoid it leaving without you!

  • For parties of 1 or 2. The program allows up to two family members. See requirements for children under 8 years of age.

Q. How do I qualify to receive $2.50 Lyft rides to Safeway, Giant, and Martha’s Table?
A. You must have at least one child enrolled at one of the seven participating elementary schools and attend an in-person orientation with Martha’s Table and Lyft. You will also be required to take three short surveys during the six-month program. The surveys will ask you about your grocery shopping habits before you receive the ride discounts, in the middle of the program, and at the end.

Q. Why are Martha’s Table and Lyft providing discounted rides to grocery stores?
A. We know how important it is to have reliable access to fresh, healthy produce and staples for your family. Through this partnership, we are committed to reducing the time, transportation barriers and financial burden as you plan your shopping trips to select grocery providers.

Q. What are my grocery options at Martha’s Table?
A. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy shelf-stable pantry items are available at Martha's Market located in the lobby of The Commons (2375 Elvans Road, SE). Martha's Market is open Monday-Friday from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm. Families are able to shop at no-cost once per month.

Q. What is a flat fare ride?
A. A flat fare ride means you will always pay one price—in this case $2.50—no matter how much the total ride ends up costing.*

Q. How do flat fare rides work?
A. For the discount to apply, you must be going to or coming from Safeway, Giant, or Martha’s Table.

Q. What is the cost to me?
A. You’ll pay $2.50 per Lyft Shared ride to or from any of the following locations: Giant, Safeway, and the market at Martha’s Table. *Lyft will absorb additional costs up to $16. You are responsible for any amount over $16. There is also a fee for adding a second passenger, which usually ranges between $1 and $3. You will receive 50 rides total between January 1, 2019 and June 30, 2019 and can use them whenever you need! If you use all 50 rides without adding a second passenger, the total cost to you will be $125. You will not pay for rides you don’t use.

Q. How many people can I bring in my Shared ride?
A. You may bring no more than one additional person.

Q. Can I bring a child with me in a Lyft?
A. You may bring one child with you. Per D.C. law, children under 8 years of age must be properly seated in an installed infant, convertible (toddler) or booster child seat. Lyft vehicles are not equipped with car seats, so you must bring your own.

Q. Can I use the $2.50 rides to go other places?
A. No. The discount only applies to the locations specified.

Q. How can I be sure the discount is working?
A. Enter one of the approved locations as a pickup or drop-off and the price estimate on the home screen of your Lyft app should display $2.50. If it doesn’t, make sure you’ve entered the address correctly. Still having issues? Visit help.lyft.com.

Sarah Holsinger