How to use the program


Program Details

Starting January 1, 2019, if you successfully registered and took the participant survey, you will see program details in the ‘Promo’ section of your Lyft app, including your remaining flat fare rides.

Click ‘View coverage area’ to see the four locations eligible for flat fare rides

  • Safeway, 322 40th St NE

  • Safeway, 2845 Alabama Ave SE

  • Giant, 1535 Alabama Ave SE

  • Martha’s Table, 2375 Elvans Rd SE


Taking a $2.50 flat fare ride

1. Enter the address of your destination

  • If you’re at the grocery store, make sure you are standing in the coverage area.

  • If you are going to the grocery store, enter the store name and street address ‘Giant, Alabama’

2. Select  ‘Shared’

  • You will see the price as $2.50. If it does not say $2.50, either your pickup location or destination is not in the coverage area.

  • You can only used Shared rides to receive the $2.50 flat fare.

3. Designate if it’s just you or you and a friend.

  • You can only bring one additional person in your Shared ride.

  • If you add a rider, there will be an additional fee based on the distance to your location.

4. Review your payment and rate your ride.

  • After your ride, the payment screen will show $2.50*, with the option to leave a tip.

  • The $2.50 fare will come from the payment method you entered in your app.

    * Fare may be higher if you add a person to join your ride, or exceed the $16 ride limit. Please read the FAQ section for further information.

Sarah Holsinger