To be eligible for the program, you must:

  1. Have at least one child enrolled at one of the seven participating elementary schools listed below or Martha’s Table

    • Anne Beers Elementary School
      3600 Alabama Ave SE

    • Garfield Elementary School
      2435 Alabama Ave. SE

    • Moten Elementary School 
      1565 Morris Rd SE

    • Rocketship Rise Academy 
      2335 Raynolds Pl. SE

    • Savoy Elementary School
      2400 Shannon Pl SE

    • Stanton Elementary School
      2701 Naylor Rd SE, Washington

    • Turner Elementary School 
      2702 Naylor Rd SE

    • Martha's Table (Education Program + Lobby Market) 
      2375 Elvans Road SE

  2. Take three short surveys during the six-month program. The first survey is included in your registration. Your answers will be anonymous.

If you are not currently eligible, please still apply! We will be expanding the program in 2019, and will notify you if you become eligible.

Sarah Holsinger