Lyft Grocery Access is a alliance of organizations and individuals working together to advance food security and food sovereignty.

Lyft Grocery Access is committed to:

  • Zero Hunger. All people at all times must be able to acquire, in a dignified manner, an adequate supply of culturally and personally acceptable food.
  • A Sustainable Food System. The production and consumption of food in EU & Worldwide (harvesting, processing, distributing, including fishing and other wild food harvest), must maintain and enhance the quality of land, air and water for future generations, and provide for adequate livelihoods of people working in it.
  • Healthy and Safe Food. Safe and nourishing foods that are free of pathogens and industrial chemicals must be available. No novel food (genetically modified organisms – GMOs) may enter food system without independent testing and monitoring.

How we do it:

Building on the People’s Food Policy and diverse community food practices, we work with our members towards food sovereignty and for deep and lasting change in our food system. We:

  1. Facilitate a dynamic and accessible information hub to foster democratic debate on food policy.
  2. Support dynamic networks to facilitate research and enhance learning and collaboration on food-related projects and campaigns.
  3. Advocate for food policies at the federal level that reflect the priorities of EU & Worldwide’s food movement.